Neighborhood Organization

Neighborhood Organization Board of Directors

Our regularly scheduled Neighborhood Board Meetings take place on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30pm. We meet at the Neighborhood Center located at the intersection of Fourth & Gill. All meetings are published on the group email list, Facebook, and this website, and all are welcome to attend. Please email the board if you wish to add an item to the agenda. Standing committees within the neighborhood organization include Parks & Beautification, Codes & Zoning, Communications, Finance & Development, Social, and Welcome. In addition to the standing committees, the neighborhood also has an ad hoc Neighborhood Center Committee. Please feel free to make suggestions for improving our neighborhood.

Board Leadership

President: Jenny Wright (term expires February 2017*)

Vice President: Jackson Whetsel (term expires February 2017*)

Treasurer: Joe Miles (term expires February 2018*)

Secretary: Nina Martyris (term expires February 2019*)

General Board Members

Codes Committee Director: Katy Hawley (term expires February 2019*)

Communications Committee Director: April Ellis (term expires February 2017*)

Finance & Development  Committee Director: Ben Auerbach (term expires February 2018*)

Neighborhood Center Committee Director: Diana Rogers (term expires February 2019*)

Parks & Beautification Committee Director: Gerry Moll (term expires February 2018*)

Social Committee Director: Shannon Parks Denton (term expires February 2019*)

Welcoming Committee Director: Mary Anne Hoskins (term expires February 2017*)

*Indicates Board Member is eligible to serve a second, consecutive three-year term.

Board Meeting Minutes

December 2016 Board Meeting Minutes – to be approved at January 23, 2017 meeting

November 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

October 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

September 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

August 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

July 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

June 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

May 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

April 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

March 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

February 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

January 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

November 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

October 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

September 2015 Board Meeting Minutes